Digital Assets-only
Separately Managed Accounts

First of its kind - Regulated Private Investment Portfolios

direct and frictionless

Solidus' Separately Managed Accounts

Private and Segregated Digital Assets Investment Portolios for each Client
  • Custody
  • NAV Calculation and Monthly Reports
  • Loans with Collateral in Digital Assets (on demand)
  • Yield Generation (on demand)
  • Liquidity (on demand)
  • Solidus does not provide advisory, market information or opinions to Basic Account Clients
  • Investment thesis and strategies are the direct responsibility of the Client
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  • Institutional Grade Multi-Custody
  • NAV Calculation and Monthly Reports
  • Custom Portfolio Design
  • Negotiation and Rebalancing of Positions
  • Liquidity Services
  • Derivatives (Calls, Puts, Futures)
  • Loans with Collateral in Digital Assets
  • Yield Generation
  • Preferred Access to Investment Diversification Opportunities
  • Deep Analysis: The client's situation, context and expectations are analyzed in depth
  • A portfolio adjusted to the situation needs and objectives of the client is selected
  • Additional Services: The selected portfolio will apply strategies ranging from event-based trading, research, fundamental analysis and technical trends
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* Minimum Initial Investment Amount: US$ 50k. Visit Our Fee Schedule for More Information.
Comprehensive exposure

SMAs Benefits

SMAs have revolutionized traditional finance, allowing investors low entry barriers and direct ownership of assets. We've done the same with Digital Assets, offering expert licensed Advisory Services coupled with a fully digital SMA infrastructure.

Asset Class Ownership

Through SMAs, assets belongs to you and are not pooled together with other investors. We provide the necessary legal, operational and technical infrastructure while acting as Investment Managers.

Predefined Portfolios

The perfect alternative for investors looking to own Digital Assets without the hassle and technical acumen required. Our Portfolios cater to all investors and advisors and are carefully designed.


Investors are free to decide on how they wish to invest and expose their capital to Digital Assets. SMAs also offer tax advantages and additional financial granularity which we enable.
Check out our Informational Brochure to learn more about our SMA Investment Accounts:
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First of its kind

TradFi Private Wealth Firms abide by Fiduciary Responsibility and have agnostic relationships with multiple custodians,  clearinghouses, banks, and asset managers.
So do we.

Provider Redundancy

We've integrated with the top, best-in-class providers of Digital Assets Services in the ecosystem, from liquidity to custody to
banking rails.

No Single Point-of-Failure

Having access to several vetted Digital Assets providers in an agnostic fashion automatically lowers risk.

One-Stop-Shop Marketplace

Both Buy-side and Sell-side meet in Solidus Capital. Investors and Advisors receive access to the finest Digital Assets Services, while Providers can reach Offshore Private Wealth easily and increase exposure.

Key Features & Attributes

Dedicated Account Manager

You are accompanied by a veteran Private Wealth expert 24/7.

Regulated Advisory Firm

Solidus RIA's (Registered Investment Advisory) License in Florida, and Approved Investment Manager in British Virgin Islands provide a sound legal, compliance and regulatory certainty for its clients.


To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your files, all content is encrypted in transit and at rest with world-class encryption and key management techniques.

Institutional Reporting, NAV Calculations, Proof of Reserves

Private Banking-style reports including P/L calculations, Transactions, Balance Sheet, Cold Storage Positions, Tax Forms and more.

Attested and verified by Third Party Providers


To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your files, all content is encrypted in transit and at rest with world-class encryption and key management techniques.

Portfolio Inheritance Scheme

Your investment remains in safe hands - reduced administrative burden for your loved ones in the event of death.

transparent & redundant

secure Multi-Custody

Why keep your Digital Assets with a single Custodian if you can smoothly distribute and manage your entire portfolio across a cohort of Best-in-Class Custody Vendors?

That is why we’ve partnered with some of the best Information Security and Infrastructure Providers in the ecosystem for a Multi-Custody Solution.
Custom-built for Wealth Advisors and Private Clients

Clients assets are secured in a multi-layered, institutional-grade Multi-Custody infrastructure, segregated among different providers for additional security.

Complete Control

Our solutions merges Digital Assets Custody and Fiat On/Off Ramps with complete governance, granting customers same-name USD accounts and whitelisting of addresses.